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Meet The Band

‘Close your eyes and you can’t tell the difference’

Andy Percy - Anjen Events

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Milan Webb
Guitars Vocals Percussion


The band are a truly exceptional and experienced line-up featuring guitarist Milan Webb, who has mastered the unique signature Santana guitar sound. His accomplished technique recreates the intricate solo guitar parts that define Santana’s music.

Spanish born Hector Gomez brings an exceptional charismatic stage presence and a versatile vocal range delivering the diverse styles of Santana’s music to perfection. Auriol Langbridge with her incredible range delivers Santana’s big female hits.

Experienced dynamic drummer Pete Lockwood delivers the Latin rock and dance styles essential to the rhythm section, along with Paul Murphy, a master of the world of Latin percussion with his array of percussion instruments and authentic sounds. The rhythm section is completed with Jon Quirk an expert bassist familiar with all genres, and together they make the instantly recognisable Santana style and sound.

Virtuoso keyboard player Martin Lawrie delivers the important Santana  grooves with dynamic Latin piano work, the distinctive rock organ parts and blistering synthesizer solos that characterise Santana’s music throughout the ages.

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